Gabriela Sanders
Gabriela Sanders




Fall 2016 | Group Project

Research, product concept & prototype.

Illustrator & InVision

Team: Esther Amaku, Jac Juengst, & Gabriela Sanders


Ordering with a group shouldn’t compromise your freedom.

As a group project for an interaction design course, we worked to address the difficulties that frequently occur when ordering pizza with others. Through numerous interviews, we were able to determine that the most frustration lies in the inability to retain individual customization in the pizza ordering process in group circumstances. We created a solution named Divi, an application which makes ordering pizza in groups a convenient and personalized process.






Identifying the problem & who it impacts most.

Through multiple on site interviews of pizza consumers & pizza industry workers, we recognized common issues and reoccurring themes. Numerous pizza consumers frequently found themselves ordering pizza in groups, yet many disliked the inability to customize orders or pay separately and proportionally in this process. We then crafted a persona from these interviews to establish focus in our design process.



Tentacle Map.jpg

Tentacle Map & Wireframe

We began to design our application with a consideration of the user flow in our tentacle map. This was followed by a wireframe which outlined more detailed user interactions.




A group experience that respects your pizza preferences.

Through a warm and inviting brand which utilizes colors that invoke hunger and remind one of pizza, Divi offers an experience that allows users to select how much of a pizza they want, customize what they want on said pizza, and then allows for individual payment.

Graphic visualizations of pizza ingredients retain some realism to create user comfort through familiarity. These graphics also create differentiation between each user's section of the pizza with subtle patterns. This allows individuals to visualize and have control over how much of the pizza they want and what specific toppings they would like on their section of the pizza. 

Divi allows users to create groups to order with and saves previous orders so that users can quickly reorder with individuals they frequently enjoy pizza with. In order to allow the user to feel informed and in control, we also included screens with updates on the pizza's progress.



Maintain your individuality while working together.

We created an in application voting feature for deciding the general pizza foundation such as crust type and sauce which would appear as convenient notification on the user's screen. Communication is further facilitated through the application's messaging capabilities.

Lastly, this application would eliminate the need to pay one individual back for the pizza by dividing the order cost based on the individual orders and allowing each individual to pay independently.