Gabriela Sanders
Gabriela Sanders



UTSOA Poster

Spring 2017 | Class Project

Visual design.



A poster for the School of Architecture lecture series.

In this poster created for my Typography II course, we were asked to create a lecture series informational poster for the UT School of Architecture (UTSOA) that did not use images, but rather explored visual elements that are typographical in nature. 

The aesthetics of this poster where inspired by the thin elegant lines found in blue prints. I was drawn to the power each line holds in guiding the construction of an architect's vision, and hoped to echo this in the poster design. I then allude to the University of Texas with the subtle use of a warm yet vivid orange accent color in visual elements as well to establish information hierarchy. I echoed this motif of structural lines within  my typographical graphic which also acts as the title of the poster and informs the viewer on the overall subject matter while also drawing in the intended audience who would understand the acronym UTSOA.